Why did Adele cry when she saw her former school teacher, Ms. McDonald?

Morphoses | Soft Skills | Why did Adele cry when she saw her former school teacher, Ms. McDonald?

In honor of World Teachers’ Day (October 5th), this piece is dedicated to those who support and inspire us, impact our life and shape our character in our most critical years – our tutors.

In one of her concerts, someone asked Adele to name a figure of her past that has supported and inspired her. The world famous singer mentioned Ms. McDonald, her English teacher, who was among the crowd. Suddenly, everyone burst into happy tears.

Most people can recall a tutor with an impact on their lives, whether that is an English teacher, a swimming coach or a piano tutor. What made these people memorable is not the hard skills they taught, but more likely the way they made us feel. Most of the time, tutors take the step beyond into making sure every student gets what it takes to feel happy, secure and content.

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Having that in mind, did you know that…

  1. According to a survey, 58% of teachers have offered food or clothing to their pupils.
  2. 1/5 teachers buy resources for the lessons, such as paper or books on their own, at least once or even several times a week.
  3. Teachers work more than we imagine — and way beyond the classroom. Work at home can range from a 1-hour planning of the next day’s lesson, up to 16 hours grading dozens of essays.
  4. Since 1950, there has been a 252% increase in teaching staff.
  5. 97% of the teachers participating in a survey listed supportive leadership as the most important factor for retaining good teachers.
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We have the power to help tutors increase their job satisfaction and excel even more at what they do. Administrators should focus on professional development to better equip their tutors to succeed. At the same time, it is evident that there is an increase in employee preference for remote work, which has contributed to hiring difficulties in education. 

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And this is where digital education jumps in! Digital education offers countless possibilities. Why should tutors have to work solely face to face? What if flexible scheduling and work-from-home and/or hybrid options are possible for tutors too? At Morphoses, we value the offerings of digital education and we give our tutors the chance to:

  1. Teach whenever they want 
  2. Teach wherever they want
  3. Cultivate their own soft skills
  4. Become part of reinventing the education process
  5. Get access to our range of curricula; activities created by Morphoses experts

There you have it: quality and flexibility! 

The future of education is here. What are we waiting for?  

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