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Why teach with Morphoses

Ignite young minds globally

Spark a love of learning in students worldwide and join a passionate community of educators fostering essential soft skills.

Flexibility & support

Balance life & work! Set your schedule & work from anywhere.  Our platform offers easy rescheduling, progress tracking, & dedicated support.

Earn as you level up

Get rewarded for your expertise with our transparent pay system. As you advance, unlock higher earning opportunities.

Grow your skills
& network

Sharpen your teaching skills, gain experience by empowering students, and connect with a passionate global network of educators.

Wondering how we do it?

Proven Methodology

We combine Harvard & Cambridge research with the CASEL framework for effective learning & development

Live Online Classes

The Morphoses platform creates a safe & focused environment for students to actively participate and have a blast!

Small Groups

Similar-aged students benefit from maximized interaction in small classes, ensuring a curriculum tailored to their needs

Certified Tutors

Our tutors are more than qualified; they're passionate about igniting a love of learning in students with interactive lessons

one of the most powerful things we can do as educators is to instill our students with a lifelong love of learning
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Tutors ❤️ Morphoses

Hear how we transform lives

Joining this team turned out to be more fun than a barrel of monkeys! Every day is a new adventure in learning and laughing. If you're looking to teach, inspire, and maybe even dance a little, this is the place for you!

Antonia S.
Morphoses tutor
web media

Joining Morphoses as a Soft Skills Tutor has been a game-changer!  It’s not just about teaching; it’s about discovering and nurturing the power of essential life skills to young minds. It is transformative. We are catalysts for positive change!

Iro K.
Morphoses tutor
web media

Becoming a Tutor at Morphoses was an easy choice! Because I wanted to motivate and learn kids what they really need for their future. This is soft skills!

Leonidas T.
Morphoses tutor
web media

Got questions? Let's help!

What are the qualities we search for in a tutor?

At Morphoses, we value tutors who demonstrate a deep passion for teaching and learning, coupled with extensive knowledge in psychology and pedagogy. Ideal candidates are experienced in facilitating group learning among children and are committed to enhancing soft skills as part of lifelong learning.

What needs to be done before I start teaching?

Before leading a class, all tutors undergo comprehensive training and certification via our official platform. This includes i) access to enriched educational materials created by Morphoses and ii) practical training, from conducting demo classes to developing content.

How is being a tutor with us different from other platforms?

Being a tutor with us stands out because of our activity-based learning approach, which keeps students engaged and helps them grasp concepts through practical application. We provide all the content, reducing the preparation effort required from you. Additionally, we offer training and encourage knowledge sharing within our vibrant community of educators, enhancing your skills and professional growth.