We enable kids cultivate the skills of the future – soft skills

Our platform connects learners (K12) and parents with independent tier-1 tutors leading live classes in small groups.

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At Morphoses, we enable young learners to reach their highest potential by becoming extroverted, confident, and happy. We teach them not only what to learn but also how to learn. 

We expose them to real mystery and fun challenges, while giving them all the fundamental tools to enhance their soft skills and reach their goals.


With Morphoses, employers can offer their employees access to a unique benefit; a range of interactive and fun classes that cultivates their kids’ most fundamental skills: soft skills. 

Show parent employees that you “get it” by offering an experience that enriches the lives of those most important to them: their kids.

Educational Institutions

Morphoses helps Educational Institutions such as private and public schools, tutoring, and extracurricular centers to dissolve the boundaries of place-based “school”.

We offer young learners access to uniquely developed soft skills content and well-trained experts, in order to thrive in the most engaging and fun way.

What are soft skills?

Soft skills are what school doesn’t teach; they are not specifically related to a particular task, job, academic discipline, or area of knowledge, but they can be used in a wide variety of situations and work settings. These skills enable us to work well with others and to be resilient, independent, and agile when challenges knock on our door.

Soft skills — sometimes called key skills, core skills, key competencies, power skills, fundamental skills, or employability skills — are those desirable qualities that apply across a variety of jobs and life situations. They are traits such as integrity, communication, courtesy, responsibility, professionalism, flexibility, and teamwork.

In a nutshell, these skills allow us to become better leaders, friends, parents, colleagues but most of all, better human beings!

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Have you ever wondered how crucial it is to motivate learners? Having high-impact relationships with students is one of the most rewarding parts of education. Our tutors support young learners in discovering their full potential through ongoing discussions, engaging, fun activities, and a solid platform. They begin by reaching activity goals, they continue to build meaningful relationships and cultivate soft skills and they end up leveling up their personal and professional lives by becoming the best version of themselves while enjoying the fun and interest-led process!

You can unleash your superpowers of soft skills by conducting the “Epi – Morphoses” e-learning, the dedicated platform for tutors. 

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The Morphoses platform ensures a fun and self-directed learning experience so that kids and teens can unlock their full potential. Working at Morphoses equals you creating a better future for children while joining a fast-growing startup with a bold mission!

Join our team

By cultivating the most needed skills – soft skills, we enable young learners to become better colleagues, friends, parents, managers, entrepreneurs, and citizens, but most of all, better HUMAN BEINGS. Working at Morphoses equals you creating a better future for children while joining a fast-growing startup with a bold mission!

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