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Welcome to Morphoses: Empowering the Next Generation of Professionals through the Mastery of Soft Skills!

Are you tired of seeing your children’s education reduced to just textbooks and exams? Don’t you want them to have the tools they need to succeed in today’s rapidly changing world?

It’s time to give your learners what they truly crave – the ability to learn, think, and create. That’s where Morphoses comes in – a “metamorphoses” place where learners can thrive and have a blast simultaneously. With a focus on creativity, resilience, and curiosity, we offer the essential soft skills your learner needs to succeed in life. Our platform is a land of happiness and originality, where the learner can cultivate self-awareness, increase confidence levels, and find their own unique voice.

So why settle for a monotonous, one-size-fits-all education when child deserves so much more? Join us at Morphoses and watch learners blossom into a confident, creative, and unstoppable forces!

When we started Morphoses we had a solid vision: to make the world a better place for young learners! Since day one, we have been striving to encourage young learners to actually enjoy learning and have fun while at it.

To this end, we have brought together experts from around the globe, to create an experience that will expose learners to an entirely new way of thinking, interacting, and therefore living, that is based on practicing the most needed skills of all: soft skills!

Meet the team behind Morphoses

Anna Natsvlishvili
Co-founder and CEO
Ilia Tzortzopoulou
Co-founder and COO
Alex Pithamitsis
Co-founder and CPO
Panagiotis Bochalis
Lead Software Engineer
Zoi Gkarane
Customer Success Lead
Pinelopi Zampouka
Administrative Assistant
Anastasia Kavalini
Sales Representative
Giannis Argyros
Mid Software Engineer
Manana Natsvlishvili
Product Consultant
Aris Katopodis
Mid Software Engineer
Errikos Gutierrez Fernandez
Junior Software Engineer
Panteleimon Nikolopoulos
Sales Representative
Dionisis Kapnisis
Lead Product Designer
Kimon Tousmanof
Product Marketing Lead
George Belalis
Senior Software Engineer
Stefanos Georgakis
Senior Software Engineer
Dimitris Kalogeras
Learning and Experience Lead

Meet some of our Superhero Tutors 🦸

Maria Agrafioti
Efthimis Deligiannis
Eleftheria Foka
Maria Katrantzi
Maria Kantani
Niki Pelekouda
Panagiota Kokarida
Eleni Piper
Niovi Stamatiou
Aimilia Tsagkri
Leonidas Tsiagkras
Magdalini Asimakopoulou
Antonia Symeonidou

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