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Discover the Morphoses advantage

Proven ROI & clear insights

Our user-friendly dashboard delivers key metrics on engagement and progress, empowering data-driven decisions that maximize ROI.

Inclusive & accessible benefit

Empower employees across all levels. Accessible to working parents in any position and location, fostering a sense of inclusion.

Employee engagement & wellbeing

Morphoses reduces parental stress and fosters support for children's success, leading to happier, more engaged employees and improved productivity.

Wondering how we do it?

Proven Methodology

We combine Harvard & Cambridge research with the CASEL framework for effective learning & development

Live Online Classes

The Morphoses platform creates a safe & focused environment for students to actively participate and have a blast!

Small Groups

Similar-aged students benefit from maximized interaction in small classes, ensuring a curriculum tailored to their needs

Certified Tutors

Our tutors are more than qualified; they're passionate about igniting a love of learning in students with interactive lessons

companies that invest in employee benefits see a 30% decrease in turnover rates.
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Extremely interesting and innovative program. A truly great opportunity for the development of our children.

Panagiotis Broustas
HR Director
Win Medica

With a long history of caring for families, we offer this innovative benefit to the children of our employees, aiming to inspire and educate our children from an early age & enhance their soft skills. The positive and constructive feedback we receive from our colleagues fills us with joy and satisfaction and assures the continuation of the program.

Dimitris Oikonomidis
HR Director
ELPEN Pharmaceuticals

The Morphoses program is exclusively available as a benefit for our employees' children. While the children might not initially identify its value, the program reveals its depth and a hidden world of possibilities through engagement. This benefit, becomes an invaluable mentor to the employees' children, leading them to discoveries and opportunities they would unlikely find on their own.

Konstantina Theodorou
HR Manager
Performance Technologies

Got questions? Let's help!

How can I determine if Morphoses is a good fit for employees with children? Is there an option to try the service before fully committing?

Absolutely! We understand the importance of ensuring a good fit for our services. That's why we offer a free comprehensive webinar for all interested parents before onboarding. During this session, participants receive a detailed tour of the platform and experience what a typical class involves, allowing them to gauge the suitability for their needs before making a commitment. Moreover, learners can try out the platform and enroll in two classes for free before activating their license.

What happens to any budget that remains unused at the end of our agreement?

Our pricing model is designed with flexibility and fairness in mind. We operate on a 'no cure-no pay' basis, which means you are only charged for learners who are actively engaged and have completed at least two classes on our platform. This approach ensures that your investment is directly tied to actual usage and learner engagement.

Is there a way for me to monitor the engagement and progress of my employees' children who are using Morphoses?

Yes, data is king! Our platform includes a user-friendly dashboard that provides key metrics on overall engagement and progress. This tool allows HR managers to make data-driven decisions and maximize the return on investment.