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A story on how role-playing games can cultivate soft skills 

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, role-playing is the process of pretending to be someone else, especially as part of learning a new skill. A recent study revealed that using role-play to teach soft skills allowed children to solve behavior problems on their own and work for longer periods of time without adult intervention.

Susan and Greg, the parents of three — Peter aged 3, Maria aged 5 and Andrew aged 15 — read this study and decided to find the ideal role-playing toys for their beloved ones. After all, who doesn’t want to see their children thrive, manage themselves better and take initiatives? Having that in mind, the two parents went on a Christmas “toy hunt”.

The first toy they came across was the Master Chef board game, which they found ideal for their teenage boy, Andrew. This board game confronts the players with a series of mini-games, all designed to test their cooking skills and culinary genius. What a perfect idea for their young chef who likes to experiment in the kitchen! Transforming into a master chef will allow Andrew to excel in his initiative skills, as he will be asked to make decisions during play. At the same time, having to choose between numerous ingredients will test his critical thinking and decision-making skills. Also, since this is a board game, he will play along with others, thus exercising his communication, even his teamwork skills. “That’s it, this game is coming home with us!” says Greg in excitement.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash


“What about our little actress, Maria, who loves the theater and musicals?” wonders Susan. Greg stops at the Peppa Pig aisle and smiles, realizing they have just come across the perfect toy for their young daughter. Both parents are staring at Peppa Pig’s Wood Theater. “Maria will love it!” states her dad. Not only will she role-play with her favorite cartoon characters, but at the same time she will use her creativity and curiosity skills to form a unique story for the two puppets. “I can’t wait for the premiere of her theater,” says Susan in excitement.

It is high time to find something for the little one, too. The parents look troubled. What can they find for such a young age? The answer lies just in front of them; it’s the Cocomelon Roleplay Musical Checkup Case. Peter, unlike other toddlers, loves to go to the doctor. He seems curious about all the doctor’s tools, such as the stethoscope and the thermometer. He might not know precisely how to use them just yet, but with this toy he will be able to play with the doctor’s tools and… examine others! Peter will check his parents’ hearts with the stethoscope and their temperature with the thermometer, while giving them painless shots with the syringe singing the “doctor checkup” song! With this toy, little Peter will learn to communicate better with others and manage himself as a little doctor-to-be.

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“Now we have a chef to cook our meals, an actress to entertain the entire family and a doctor to check on us in the house! How lucky are we?” Greg asks his wife jokingly. The two parents can’t wait to show the new toys to their children and see their priceless reactions.

Once again, toys are proven to be… much more than just toys. They allow children to discover the world around them via different lenses, step out of their comfort zones and cultivate the most important skills of all, soft skills.

Photo by Rob Laughter on Unsplash

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