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Welcome to another article from Morphoses, the platform that strives every day to make the world a better place — colourful and creative. 🚀 Our goal is to help students become the best version of themselves personally and professionally, in an ever-changing world 🌍.

Every day we get one step closer to our vision of creating the largest Soft Skills content platform 🛠️. You may be thinking that everything we’re telling you, you already know, but wait… there’s something you don’t know yet… our unique platform mascots!

Introducing the world of Morphinions! 

Morphoses — soft skills — brand mascots

It all started 6 months ago… 🔦 We asked our stakeholders, students, parents, teachers, and partners what comes to mind when they hear “Morphoses”. Most gave the following 4 answers:

  • impact
  • engagement
  • growth
  • communication

We’re not going to lie to you — we loved the data we received and they actually fit perfectly with our company’s beliefs! The above 4 values are indeed elements of our DNA. So we and the community of people around us, together shaped the mascots of Morphoses!

Of course, they’re no ordinary characters — they’re the heart 💜 and soul of everything we stand for, and they’re here to elevate the learner’s experience! — Morphinions 😍 They are unique, like every existence on our planet, after all, we’re all about celebrating uniqueness and embracing diversity🌈.

Curious about where they come from? ✏️

📖 Once upon a time in a universe where possibilities were as limitless as the stars 🌟, three extraordinary beings found themselves on paths destined to intertwine, RubyBlaze and Wisewing. They were strangers to each other, but they had a lot in common, including their passion for creating imaginary worlds in their minds.

You would ask, how?

🔮 Destiny intertwined their paths due to a mutual commitment: to contribute to the progress of a better global community. All three served as mentors in entirely distinct fields. Coincidentally, they caught wind of distressing news 🗞️ concerning a distant planet — the Earth 🌏. During that period, the planet grappled with formidable trials, including climate change, pandemics, and poverty.

This news caused deep concern, particularly to Ruby and Blaze, while also leaving them grappling with numerous unanswered questions. Would these questions find answers? Fate would soon play its hand, bringing them together by chance at a teaching community event. Wisewing 🐥was the keynote speaker, it would present to the public the unpleasant news about the planet Earth and the research that has been done on the causes of this catastrophe. Ruby and Blaze, energized by Wisewing’s pitch, hurried to offer their congratulations and ask the questions they might still have.

Wisewing told the story behind Planet Earth’s current state. Due to the Arizona wildfires, underscored the narrative of climate change and the impact it has on its family and home. As he described these events, he helped Ruby and Blaze comprehend the gravity of the situation.

“At that time, Ruby was training young astronauts 🧑‍🚀 to differentiate between galaxies and stars 🌟, while Blaze was nurturing young talents, cultivating their passion for art, and uncovering their creative potential 🎨.”

Observing the concern in his friends’ eyes, our vibrant winged companion swiftly sought their aid to collaboratively address the issues at hand 🌏. Striving to assist his family’s recovery from a house fire, he ingeniously generated income 💰 by crafting content for a novel venture, Morphoses. This enterprise had a distinctive mission — aiding students aged 6 to 17 in becoming the finest versions of themselves within an ever-evolving world.

Ruby and Blaze persisted in their research, realizing that ONLY the emerging generation could rescue the planet. Consequently, they embraced Wisewing’s invitation, preparing their luggage 🧳.

Their narratives were as diverse as their origins, yet destiny conspired to unite them. With Ruby’s determination, Blaze’s innovative concepts, and the sagacity of our spirited feathered friend, an inseparable team coalesced. Each brought a distinct perspective, thereby enriching the experience fostered by Morphoses. United by destiny and propelled by the passion to forge a brighter future, Ruby, Blaze, and Wisewing evolved into the very heart 💜 and soul of Morphoses. Their different origins and hometowns no longer mattered and their purpose was shared.

So, let’s delve deeper into their world & learn more about their characters:


Our leading character symbolizes IMPACT.

Morphoses — soft skills-mascots


  • The redhead girl 👩‍🦰 serves as a leading character for learners and symbolizes empowerment and impact.
  • She inspires learners and helps them to be more organized, to work more efficiently & effectively together, and she always has a positive attitude. Ruby coaches, motivates, and encourages them to embrace personal responsibility, and set goals.


Our yellow bird symbolizes GROWTH.

Morphoses-soft skills-mascots


  • The spunky Amazonian yellow bird with a personality as vibrant as its feathers! Wisewing, represents wisdomguidance, and growth. It offers valuable insights, numerical and practical knowledge.
  • Wisewing guides learners to think more critically, to accept and solve challenges. It helps learners make informed decisions and understand the impact of their actions on themselves and others.


Our purple dragon symbolizes ENGAGEMENT.

Morphoses — soft skills-mascots


  • Our dragon 🐉 straight from Mars — yup, you read that right! But hold on tight, because there’s more: it’s not just any dragon, he’s a time-traveling legend! It embodies engagement and imagination.
  • Blaze encourages learners to embrace their creativity, think innovatively, and express themselves confidently. It sparks the learners’ curiosity and inspires them to think outside the box.

🌈 All together, they shape us. Let’s welcome them!!

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