Dear diary, today I made the best painting in the world!

Morphoses - Soft Skills - Dear diary, today I made the best painting in the world!

A story about… parallel worlds.

It is a fact that our first article was a warm-up for what is to follow… The foundations are in place. Now, it’s time for fun. Let’s… mix things up a bit! In this story, we shall reveal different combinations of play types and cool toy suggestions for our little ones. Ready?

Parallel play.

When Nick and Kate were given two spirograph kits with markers to play, they were excited to say at least. They threw all their crayons on the floor, their mom played their favorite music on the stereo and the fun began! The siblings’ imaginations ran wild, as they used all kinds of color combinations. During the play, the kids did not interact with each other, but they were sharing the same excitement and happiness! What type of play is this? This is called parallel play and it occurs when children play next to each other but they are not actually interacting with one another. 

Photo by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič on Unsplash


Do your children enjoy parallel play? Then, Twirl n’ Whirl Turtle is simply perfect for them! This is a most-liked toy for children 3-9 years old that provides the necessary tools for them to create cool spiral drawings, color them and keep them. And how are they going to enrich them? Of course, with the Crayola coloured pencils! And if they were inspired and became little Picassos themselves, with the Crayola’s clean broadline washable markers children can express more their artistic side without you having to worry about your walls! 

Another toy that offers our little ones the opportunity to paint their favourite characters is Peppa & George Paint Up Figures. Who doesn’t love Peppa’s stories? Or painting? In addition, with this toy children express themselves creatively while sharing the fun – and hopefully their watercolors too! 

You might reasonably wonder what children gain from parallel play. Well, apart from the fun, parallel play has an essential role in helping children to interact with others. It shows that they are willing to be around other children and join them in similar play activities. In other words, it promotes…soft skills! Apart from creative and curious thinking, parallel play enhances self-management, critical and structured thinking, and, last but not least, adaptability


Combo deals. 

What makes the above toys special is they are versatile. They do not fit into just one type of play. Even if you have an only child who loves to paint, this is still a great deal for you! Since the toys do not really require social involvement, the child can actually play solo! And these are not the only types of play combinations we can have! With Peppa & George Paint Up Figures for example, the fun does not necessarily end when kids are done painting! With a little guidance, they can then all play together with the now colorful figures, while being cooperative and communicating. At the end of the game, your children can journal their experience, feelings and thoughts, if they wish, alone or with your help, so that they slowly learn to express what they feel and want – in other words, to cultivate their emotional intelligence! Surprise! The little journals are an alternative, fun suggestion for children to record thoughts and feelings. And don’t forget! Learning to play is learning how to relate to others. In that sense, parallel play is that final stage before your child connects with another.

Photo by Ekaterina Novitskaya on Unsplash


So what is the moral of the story? Let’s use our imagination when playing! Until next time, we encourage all kids out there to paint, play and laugh, either solo or with friends!

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