April 28, 2024

Pixel Unicorns and Mystery Stories: Dive into Our Latest Demo!

Welcome to the world of soft skills development at Morphoses, where creativity and strategy converge to nurture the young minds of children and adolescents. In this blog post, we invite you to dive into the exciting demo activities that unleash artistic talent and teamwork in our K-12, 9–11 y.o. learners. Through Pixel Art, puzzle-solving, and negotiation, learners embark on an educational adventure that ignites imagination and fosters collaboration.

Soft Skills in Action — Let’s explore our newest Demo

  1. Solving Mystery Cases — Developing Critical Thinking
  • Learning Objective: This activity is designed to sharpen the critical thinking skills of our young learners. They will engage in solving intriguing mystery puzzles that challenge their problem-solving abilities.
  • How to Execute: To kick off this adventure, we present a series of captivating mystery cases to learners. Each case offers a unique challenge with varying difficulty levels. Learners have the exciting task of choosing which mystery to tackle. Once selected, they immerse themselves in the case and engage in lively discussions with their peers to unravel the mysteries. This process encourages them to think critically, analyse evidence, and develop logical solutions.

2. Creating Pixel Paintings — Fostering Teamwork

  • Learning Objective: This creative endeavor aims to foster teamwork among our learners. They will work together in groups to craft pixel paintings, promoting collaborative skills.
  • How to Execute: Before the artistry begins, we set the stage by utilising a white web board, an online collaborative platform. This combination enables learners to collectively create pixel art masterpieces. Learners are encouraged to divide into groups, but if needed, our facilitators can help with the grouping process. With a timer set to 15 minutes, the artistic journey begins! Learners not only learn to paint with pixels but also explore the art of teamwork. This activity encourages them to communicate effectively, delegate tasks, and collaborate harmoniously to bring their artistic visions to life.

3. Building Your Team and Negotiating — Enhancing Negotiation Skills

  • Learning Objectives: In this activity, learners will enhance their critical thinking abilities through the intricate processes of team building and player negotiation. These skills are vital for effective decision-making and conflict resolution.
  • How to Execute: The adventure begins with a discussion on what critical thinking entails, setting the stage for the main event. Imagine classic sports teams from all corners of the galaxy seeking recruits, and our learners are in charge! Each learner selects a team and is tasked with recruiting two players to strengthen their team’s attack and defence. However, there’s a twist; they must ensure that their team has at least 3 stars out of five, in both attack and defence. If not, negotiations come into play! Learners can communicate in various ways, including group chat or brief one-on-one discussions, to exchange players and meet the criteria. This exercise enhances their negotiation and problem-solving skills while emphasising the importance of teamwork in achieving common goals.

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These engaging activities are not only enjoyable but also purposeful, as they nurture a wide range of essential soft skills, preparing our young learners for a bright future. Log-in and learn more about our Demo.

The Importance of Soft Skills

Scientific research (Parker, R., Thomsen, B. S., & Berry, A., 2022) consistently underscores the significance of soft skills in education and beyond. Studies have demonstrated that nurturing these skills during childhood leads to improved academic performance, enriched social relationships, and enhanced career prospects.

At Morphoses, we are committed to empowering young learners with essential life skills. Join us on this thrilling journey of soft skills development and witness your child or learner flourish. Try out our platform and experience firsthand how creativity and strategy synergise to shape the leaders of tomorrow. View our Demo class & explore more today.

In conclusion, soft skills are not abstract concepts but tangible abilities that can be nurtured through engaging activities like the ones we’ve discussed. We invite you to explore our platform and unlock the full potential of your child’s soft skills development.


Parker, R., Thomsen, B. S., & Berry, A. (2022). Learning Through Play at School — A Framework for Policy and Practice. Frontiers in Education, 7, 751801.