Morphoses x Giochi Preziosi|Soft Skills
April 28, 2024

Morphoses x Giochi Preziosi

Reshaping the game

Who We Are & What is Our Common Goal

What happens when a long-standing toy company, Giochi Preziosi, which provides children with the best experience in a passionate, committed, and determined way, partners with Morphoses, a start-up which offers live, online soft skills enhancement courses for children?

Life nowadays is so fast-paced, that sometimes children don’t have the time to be…children! There is not enough time to play, laugh, or create their own stories and explore! Giochi Preziosi toys have one goal: to serve as a valuable tool in kids’ journey of discovering the world through play. Castles, dolls, musical instruments, colorful wooden toys, super-fast cars, and creative drawing tools do not just provide children with moments of fun, but they also reinforce important skills, useful for their lives.

This is where Morphoses comes in, a greek startup, offering live, online classes aimed at enhancing young learners’ soft skills. The aim is to offer an educational environment that will help the learners to “shape” themselves at all levels and enhance, to the maximum, human skills they already possess.

Our aim is to redefine the way children learn new skills and reinforce already existing ones, while maintaining the genuine exploratory nature of their childhood. In other words, to cultivate children’s soft skills in a fun, highly interactive way! Perhaps this goal seems like a very tempting dream. And it would indeed remain a dream if it were not for the methodology that underpins the idea and provides the solid foundations to make this vision a reality.

The Morphoses Methodology

Have you ever noticed your child playing alone with their toy cars, paying zero attention to those surrounding them? Or silently observing other kids building an awesome wooden house? Or have you noticed that every time children play cooperatively, it always results in a conflict? Worry not, all of the above are quite expected behaviors. Solitary play, onlooker and cooperative play are some of the types of play that sociologist Mildred Parten Newhall has suggested. And there is so much more to learn in time! What’s worth knowing for now is that the 6 types of play as categorized by American sociologist Mildred Parten Newhall is a classic tool that offers guidance to parents on age-appropriate activities and toys for children.

However, let’s not go any further just yet! In the following articles, you will have the chance to get to know the Giochi Preziosi games, along with the soft skills that these games enhance. Together, we will discover, step by step, why it is important to cultivate these skills — now more than ever. We will discuss what play actually means at every developmental stage and age, how we can further enhance the children’s experience… and much more.

Stay tuned!