April 28, 2024

All-in-One Dashboard: Your Organisation’s Single Source of Truth

In response to your valuable feedback, we’re excited to unveil our latest development, the Organisation’s Dashboard.

This Dashboard is designed to enhance your experience by presenting a comprehensive view of all your data on a single page. It encompasses everything from a contract overview and learner growth statistics to usage reports and engagement metrics. Demonstrating our commitment to transparency, this feature streamlines the management of employee benefits, ensuring that every crucial piece of information is easily accessible with just a click.

🔍 What you can find?

In your comprehensive Dashboard you can find everything from:

  1. Overview

You can easily view a summary of your organisation, which includes details such as the current subscription status, the number of parents and learners, and the percentage of learners in each age group.

2. Usage Report & Contract

Easily track your users’ progress on the platform.

This field is dynamic, depending on what you have selected in the drop down of the Contract (start/end date) the corresponding data is displayed.

Design by Morphoses Design Team

You can find relevant details about:

  • Active seats: This is the number of seats currently in use during the existing contract period.
  • Pending activation: This refers to learners who have signed up but have not yet started using a seat during the current contract period.
  • Activation rate: This represents the proportion of registered learners who are actively using their seats (Active Seats).
  • Attendance rate: The frequency with which learners attend in weekly classes.
  • Total hours spent: This is the aggregate amount of time learners have spent in Morphoses classes over the contract period.
  • Dropouts number: This refers to the count of learners who have withdrawn from classes and not re-enrolled in another one.

3. Demographics

Explore visually which age groups perform better in terms of activation and attendance.

This field is dynamic, depending on what you have selected in the drop down of the Contract (start/end date) the corresponding data is displayed.

Design by Morphoses Design Team

4. Testimonials

Learn more about your organisation’s parents feedback and their learners overall progress, and explore all the key performance metrics.

Design by Morphoses Design Team

🚀 Key Benefits of using your Dashboard

  1. Real-Time Insights: The dashboard offers real-time updates, and provides you with the latest data of your contract. This feature is invaluable for keeping a pulse on the effectiveness of the benefit offered and making timely adjustments as needed.
  2. Streamlined Data Management: The dashboard centralises critical data, such as contract overview, learner growth statistics, and engagement metrics.
  3. Enhanced Communication and Reporting: With the ability to easily present data, the dashboard provides a reliable foundation for reporting, presentations, and strategic discussions.
  4. Time and Resource Efficiency: The intuitive design and user-friendly interface of the dashboard reduce the time and effort required to navigate and interpret complex data sets.
  5. Advanced Decision Making: With all essential information available at a glance, organisations can make more informed decisions. This is particularly beneficial for managing employee benefit programs, where understanding the nuances of contract terms and learner progress is crucial.


👁️ Your Dashboard at a glance

Design by Morphoses Design Team

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at, or visit our Help Center for more information.

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