Beyond Expectations: Morphoses Success Stories

Morphoses Beyond Expectations: Morphoses Success Stories

When it comes to teaching soft skills, success stories are often the best way to showcase the positive impact that these skills can have on a child’s life. With this in mind, we’ve assembled a collection of success stories written by our dedicated tutors that exhibit the critical importance of developing these skills.

We invite you to read on and be inspired by the transformative power of soft skills!

“From the beginning of the sessions, there were many challenges to address in creating an inclusive learning environment. An immediate priority was for each child, with their unique needs and characteristics, to feel welcomed and ready to embrace new adventures in the world of soft skills. As we approach the completion of the class sessions, I am thrilled to observe significant improvement in the communication of ideas, cultivation of fantasies, and expression of creativity among both younger and older children. As a tutor, one of the greatest rewards is witnessing children becoming better versions of themselves, advancing their strengths and improving their weaknesses. A particular success story that stands out is when children proactively express their thoughts through sketches, drawings, or by presenting books and toys related to the activity’s content, without being prompted. This demonstrates a significant level of initiative and decision-making skills, among other valuable qualities, while actively enriching the learning process.”


“I have one big story to share! There was one kid that he was very shy at the beginning of the course. Now he is the one that always participates first and helps the others in the class. When a kid is shy is good to give him the opportunity to lead many times and feel comfortable by getting regular positive feedback.”


“As students feel more comfortable through each session, their communication and teamwork skills drastically improve. I have noticed that in some cases kids had trouble working within a team and accepting others’ ideas. Now the same kids seem to enjoy it more when they collaborate and solve problems together than working alone!”


“The children of a group are quite shy. It’s quite difficult for them to cooperate and share their views. We are still working on it, but I have noticed a considerable improvement in this aspect. As a tutor, I focus on finding things they have in common and I want to motivate them to participate more. One day, everyone was discussing and trying to find the solution to a puzzle and I really liked that they were so passionate about this task.”


“During the first lessons of a session, I had to deal with a group of children who participated in all activities, but in the review, they noted that they were not having a good time! However, this changed as soon as I started to motivate the group to communicate with each other as a team giving them, for example, roles to act.”


In the first sessions with my class, I faced some problems with active listening because the children did not have in mind to listen to the opinions and ideas of their classmates instead they were only interested in expressing their own thoughts. Lately, I have noticed a great improvement in this section, now the children are interested in what their classmates have to say and willing to discuss with them aiming to achieve our common goals and improve ourselves.


“Most students especially teens at the beginning of a session find it quite difficult to collaborate with a diverse group of students. However, I have noticed that through practice and constructive feedback, they gradually gain confidence and improve their ability to express their ideas effectively.”


Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

In conclusion, the power of soft skills cannot be overstated.

As demonstrated in the success stories shared by our dedicated tutors, these skills can have a transformative impact on a child’s life, helping them to become better versions of themselves and advance their strengths. Whether it’s fostering creativity, cultivating inclusivity, or building confidence, soft skills are essential for success in both personal and professional realms.

We hope that these success stories have inspired you to prioritize the development of soft skills in your child’s education and recognize the immense value they can bring to their lives.

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