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As the bell rings, students head to their next English class. While walking to the classroom, Emma asks her friend Nicole if she has finished their English essay. Nicole replies that she hasn’t and expresses her doubts about the value of persuasive writing, stating that it’s pointless since no one will listen to her opinions.

However, Emma has a different perspective. She stops walking and explains to Nicole the importance of persuasive writing. She emphasizes how persuasive writing can help convince others to see things from one’s own perspective and how it’s a valuable skill that can be applied in various contexts, such as job interviews or debates with friends. Emma also stresses that persuasive writing is a soft skill worth developing and encourages Nicole not to underestimate its significance.

“Wow, Emma! I love the way you think! I hadn’t thought of it like that before” Nicole says. She then decides to put more effort into her persuasive writing, recognizing its value and significance.

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Writing to make a point is a vital soft skill that can have a significant impact on a child’s academic, professional, and personal growth. In today’s world, where communication is key, the ability to express oneself clearly and persuasively through writing is essential (Rohm, Stefl & Ward, 2021).

So, why is writing to make a point a necessary soft skill? Firstly, it develops critical thinking abilities, enabling individuals to analyze situations, organize their thoughts, and present their arguments coherently (Alangui, 2022). This is a skill that not only helps in academic life but also in personal and professional lives. Secondly, writing to make a point also helps individuals to express their ideas and opinions clearly and confidently (Alangui, 2022). This valuable skill can assist them in job interviews, college applications, and other situations where clear communication is essential.

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This is where Morphoses comes in! Morphoses is an innovative platform that provides fun and engaging sessions to help K12 children learn how to write effectively. With its “learning by doing” methodology and real-life application, Morphoses helps children develop critical writing skills in a practical context. This approach is far more engaging than traditional theoretical approaches to writing.

An example of a Morphoses activity is “Together we can”. The idea is simple: students write a letter to the Secondary Education Department asking for training seminars for teachers and students. The focus is on making education in schools more inclusive and accessible to students with learning difficulties.

One of the interesting aspects of this activity is that students have the freedom to express their thoughts. They can either record their ideas with a tutor or write them down on a padlet.

In conclusion, being able to write effectively and persuasively is so important, especially for kids. It’s a soft skill that can make a real difference in their growth and success in life. That’s why Morphoses is here — it offers a unique way for K-12 students to develop those critical writing skills in a fun and engaging environment.

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