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“Hey, I’m Georgia and 9 months ago, I embarked on an incredible journey as a tutor at Morphoses, a platform for nurturing soft skills in kids aged 6 to 17. Little did I know just how unique and rewarding this experience would be!”

Teaching remotely may seem challenging at first, but when you have interactive media in your armor, it becomes a magical experience. Imagine witnessing a child’s face light up as they grasp complex concepts and develop essential soft skills. That’s the power of Morphoses. Through engaging in online activities, we bring out the best in these young minds, helping them build skills like communication, teamwork, and critical thinking.

My experience

Starting my journey as a Morphoses Tutor, at first, was kind of challenging, mostly scary. I was afraid that teaching remotely was not going to be as easy as teaching in a real class. I was afraid that I would not be able to influence my students, understand their needs, really get to know them, and of course be able to reason with them. I was hugely wrong. It wasn’t easy adapting to a virtual world, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a worthy experience. I had days when my microphone, out of the blue, stopped working. Of course, everyone knows that feeling, as everyone has this experience, at least once in their lifetime.

Months passed by, and I vividly recall a moment during one of my virtual sessions with a group of enthusiastic 12-year-olds. We were discussing teamwork and had set up an online collaborative project. Initially, it felt like herding cats in a virtual world. But as the weeks went by, I witnessed something truly magical unfold. These kids, each with their unique backgrounds and perspectives, started to collaborate seamlessly. They brainstormed ideas, supported one another, and celebrated every small victory as a team. It was a proud “aha” moment for me, seeing these young minds embrace teamwork and soft skills with such enthusiasm. That’s when I realized that at Morphoses, we’re not just teaching skills; we’re fostering personal growth and confidence in our students, and that’s a journey worth taking.

Soft Skills in Action

Parents often ask, “How can we identify these skills in our children?” You should trust them, allow them to try for themselves, and guide them when they ask for help. As I did in my class, at first, I was nervous, but by allowing them to take the initiative and express their unique personalities, I saw remarkable growth. You’ll notice them becoming more empathetic as they collaborate with their peers, better communicators as they express their thoughts and ideas, and increasingly self-aware as they reflect on their experiences. These skills might manifest during family discussions, group projects, or even simple everyday interactions. So, pay attention to how your children engage with others and themselves, allow them to make mistakes, and guide them when needed, and you’ll witness the development of these valuable life skills right before your eyes.

Teaching soft skills to young learners isn’t just a one-way street; it’s a two-for-one deal. Not only are you imparting these essential life skills to them, but you’re also secretly leveling-up your own soft skills game in the process.

So here’s my call to action for you, dear readers — take the leap and experience the transformative power of Morphoses. Let’s equip the next generation with the tools that, unfortunately, we didn’t have at their age.

Join us, and become a Morphoses tutor 👩‍🏫 today -> https://bit.ly/3ZoXgQa

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