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Social awareness is the ability to understand and interpret the emotions, thoughts, and behaviors of oneself and others, as well as the ability to respond appropriately to social cues and situations (Hoover, Wood & Knowles, 1983). It is a key component of emotional intelligence and is essential for effective communication, and relationships (Grunberg, McManigle & Barry, 2020).

One of the most important aspects of social awareness is understanding and navigating social dynamics. This includes reading nonverbal cues, recognizing power dynamics, and navigating different social groups. This is vital for success in the workplace, in social settings, and in any situation where people interact with others.

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In real-life examples, a person who is socially aware will be able to pick up on the body language, tone of voice, and facial expressions of others, which can be very helpful when they communicate and negotiate. Also, they will be able to respond to different people with different styles and adapt their communication, which allows them to connect with a wide variety of people, create valuable relationships and build trust.

Morphoses can help children enhance the soft skill of social awareness through several key frameworks. For example, through the use of fun and interactive activities such as the “The Value Proposition Triangle”, children can learn and practice social awareness by putting themselves in the shoes of others and taking on different perspectives by learning what is a Value Proposition and how to use it.

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Morphoses can also expose children to a wide range of social dynamics and situations, such as group projects, role-playing, and simulations. Children can practice reading social cues, understanding power dynamics, and navigating different social groups. For example, the activity “Filling the blanks” is a true challenge of social awareness. Learners are taught the meaning of supporting others by providing successful solutions.

In summary, social awareness is an important soft skill that allows individuals to understand and respond appropriately to the emotions, thoughts, and behaviors of others (Hoover, Wood & Knowles, 1983). Morphoses can help children enhance this skill through various fun, interactive activities and simulations that expose them to real-life social situations and provide opportunities to practice social awareness skills. With these tools, children can develop strong communication, empathy and relationship skills that are essential in life.

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