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Hey 👋,

We’re back, and this means we have something exciting to share! Do you remember the first drop of the Morphinions launch and the unique story behind them? If you missed it, no worries; you can read the whole story here — believe me, it’s worth it.

The incredible team of Morphinions (Ruby, Blaze, Wisewing) never ceases to impress. Now, we’re back with something we’ve been working on for a while. Truth be told, your voices made an impact! Remember when we asked our beloved stakeholders, students, parents, teachers, and partners what comes to mind when they hear “Morphoses”? and shared the following four answers:

  • impact
  • engagement
  • growth
  • communication

These responses perfectly align with our company’s beliefs, as these values are indeed embedded in our DNA 🧬.

Now, a month and a half later, we’re thrilled to share that the Morphinions team’s bond is getting stronger and stronger. So, we’ve added an extra character, not a character — The Character — Lin🌱.

Designed by Morphoses Design Team

Although the team is very busy consistently mentoring and motivating new and current learners 👨‍🏫, they still focus on helping the world to make a positive impact. For this month, Ruby, the tech-savvy character, came across the largest tech event in Europe, the well-known Web Summit that takes place in Lisbon every year 🇵🇹. This famous gathering attracts more than 900 speakers, 2,300 startups, and 70,000 attendees. Super excited Ruby wanted once more, a new adventure, so she called Blaze and Wisewings and insisted on booking the flights for Lisbon ASAP. All of them couldn’t miss the opportunity to be part of this event, as they would be informed about topics ranging from deep tech and data science to design and environmental sustainability, and they would meet other well-known professionals and tutors to exchange ideas and opinions.

Satisfied with their decision, they booked their accommodation and tickets ✈️, and two weeks later, they were finally there, representing Morphoses.

The event was impressive; people from all over the world were there. Among the fascinating topics the summit addressed, they had the opportunity to learn more about the much-discussed World of AI 🤖. The moment the speaker mentioned the word “Impact,” an attendee named Lin interjected and asked: “What would happen to the future generations if we support and grow AI?” The curious Morphinions realized that until then, no one was interested in the future generations — all the other questions were focused on what was happening now. But what about the future? How will AI change future generations’ lives, and most importantly, would it be for good?

The speeches and Q&A were over, and the crowd had the opportunity to join the Summit’s networking event. All of them were looking to find Lin, the attendee who asked the question that triggered their minds and souls. He was surrounded by hundreds of people and looked very engaged in all discussions — as always, the spontaneous Blaze interrupted the conversation by introducing his team and started to chat with Lin regarding the common purpose they shared. Hours later, discussing and exchanging ideas, opinions, and data, a special bond was created.

Lin, being captivated by what he was hearing, couldn’t resist asking them to join their team and be part of the tutors’ community at Morphoses. What isn’t told is that a few weeks before, Lin decided to quit his job at Chatgpt, as he has been working for this AI tool for many years now. Afraid of the impact of AI on human beings, he decided to dedicate his career to helping people be irreplaceable in their jobs. None of them had second thoughts about it; Lin would be a perfect fit for the team dynamics, as his communication skills were something that they were missing, and the team’s momentum would skyrocket 🚀.

Fast forward to today, Lin is an active tutor at Morphoses. Now, let’s dive into some more information about this powerful personality.


Our new Tutor symbolizes Communication.

Designed by Morphoses Design Team
  • This powerful socially restless boy embodies fun and adventure.
  • Lin would teach learners to understand others better and assist them in presenting their views clearly and effectively. Moreover, he would educate learners about the art of body language, social awareness, and inclusive thinking.


Let’s all welcome him to the Morphoses universe!

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