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Exploring the favorite soft skills of our tutors at Morphoses

Morphoses | Soft Skills | Exploring the favorite soft skills of our tutors at Morphoses

At Morphoses, we strongly believe that soft skills, also known as human skills, are essential for effective communication, problem-solving, creativity, and relationship management. These skills can be taught and improved through practice, and our tutors are trained to provide the necessary guidance. We carefully evaluate our tutors based on their academic background and experience with children and score on the Epi-morphoses program, which provides them with the principles, philosophy, and theory behind our approach. Tutors also have the opportunity to demonstrate a soft skill or activity in a video submission.

We asked our active tutors who belong to the Morphoses Community what is their favorite soft skill and why. Let’s see some of their answers below.

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My favorite soft skill is curiosity because it makes us ask questions and want to understand how things around us work! The constant drive to learn makes us stronger and well-rounded people!”


Conflict management

“The choice was difficult, but I think I would choose conflict management. Unfortunately, it is difficult to impossible for a person not to be challenged to face even one conflict in their life. I believe it is important not to let these conflicts affect us in order to make our daily lives easier.”



“My favorite soft skill is empathy because by putting ourselves in the other person’s shoes and seeing things through their eyes we can better understand people’s behaviors and adapt to them, which makes other people feel relieved to share their feelings with someone who understands them.”



“My favorite soft skill is flexibility. Being flexible is a soft skill that demonstrates an ability to do new tasks and new challenges.”


Critical thinking

“If I had to choose one of the soft skills it would be critical thinking as it’s “thinking about thinking”. Through this, man can respond to situations and challenges by identifying and fixing flaws in the way man thinks.”


Inquisitive thinking

“My personal favorite soft skill is inquisitive thinking. This superpower answers most of your questions. It makes you wonder why this is happening or how you can solve a problem, but the most important is that it makes you search for it by yourself.”


Now that we’ve got a glimpse of the Morphoses tutors’ favorite soft skills, it’s time for you to ask yourself:

What is your favorite soft skill and why?

Photo by Gabe Pierce on Unsplash

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