Genuine Employer Benefit for Working Parents

Here’s your chance to become the Employer of Choice! With Morphoses, Employers and HR departments can offer their parent employees access to a unique benefit; a range of interactive classes that cultivate their kids’ soft skills.

After the pandemic, with 70% of working parents occupying managerial roles, 4 out of 10 of them are considering leaving their job. Employers struggle with salary increases and turn to benefit compensation. Have you managed to find the right benefits for your working parents?

By increasing parental benefits, you give equitable support to working parents, thus getting one step closer to the vital ingredient that will help you win the talent war! If you want to attract and retain working parents, while creating a fair environment, you should onboard benefits that caregivers need to remain engaged in and committed to work.

Our platform provides learners aged 6-17 with live, online classes, designed to enhance their soft skills through a secure, unique, fun learning experience led by tier-1 tutors. All classes follow a safe, small-group format, which encourages active participation and increases engagement in our wide variety of activities.

Morphoses - Soft Skills - Employer of Choice

Have an Impact, Decrease Turnover

Unlock the potential of your workforce with Morphoses!

Ignite creativity, resilience, and curiosity in the children of working parents. Enhance work-life balance, recognition, and family benefits.

Boost employee engagement with our multi-purpose benefit solution, nurture future leaders and drive success. Explore Morphoses for an empowered workforce today!

Guaranteed Quality

At Morphoses, we offer a unique and enjoyable learning experience led by top educators, psychologists, and experts. Our tutors undergo a strict selection process that includes ID verification, background checks, training, and licensing. Explore “Epi – Morphoses,” our e-learning platform for innovative teaching methods.

Only 20% of tutor applicants make it to the Morphoses Platform. Check our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service to learn about our commitment to a diverse community.


Seamless Onboarding

Effortlessly manage all members, track user attendance, happiness, and satisfaction from one centralized platform. Simplify onboarding with a single invitation link and maintain complete control over your budget.

Experience increased conversion rates, real-time result tracking, and flexible pay-as-you-go options with Morphoses. Maximize efficiency, optimize outcomes, and elevate your HR processes to new heights.


Discover the versatility of Morphoses! We provide an extensive range of classes delivered by our diverse team of tutors, offering exceptional flexibility to align with your child’s daily schedule.

Our platform serves as a highly adaptable employee benefit, with our partnership with multinational tutors who operate across multiple time zones and speak various languages. Experience the convenience of tailored learning options that cater to your specific needs.


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Are you an Employer, interested in a potential partnership? Fill in the following form and get one step closer to your parent employees.

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Are you an Employer, interested in a potential partnership? Fill in the following form and get one step closer to your parent employees.