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Delivering innovation to forward-thinking educational institutions and organizations by expanding your school activities

We Elevate Education: Enhancing School Activities and Preparing Learners for an Uncertain Future Dominated by Soft Skills-Intensive Careers.

Our mission is to empower schools, private tutoring centers, and educational institutions to provide more impactful learning. We’re on a mission to equip young learners with vital soft skills, cultivating them through a blend of uniqueness and fun. We amplify the innate qualities students possess, transforming ambition into formidable capabilities.

Our ultimate aspiration? Guiding young minds to become inspired, inspiring, innovative individuals, fostering both personal and professional growth. Wondering how we’re shaping the future workforce? Dive in!

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Brand Awareness

Ready to transform your School into a joyful hub for student activities?

We lead the path to inspire and empower your learners, fostering their optimal growth. Elevate essential soft skills like problem-solving, self-regulation, impulse control, and empathy through School Activities, proven to curb negative social behaviors like bullying and amplify academic achievement, ultimately driving student success.

Extra Revenue

Our platform allows for custom-made offerings, based on your needs and priorities.

Morphoses can be offered free-of-charge, in order to improve your competitive advantage on the market.

Alternatively, it can be provided as a paid service, in order to generate extra income for your business without having to worry about monetization, pricing, branding, etc.

Our user-friendly platform allows for parents to be updated by our tier-1 tutors. Feedback is provided throughout the sessions and parents receive soft skills – specific feedback on learners’ performance within their teams, through the Morphoses’ reporting system.


Work with us and invite your students to experience a learning journey like no other…

Morphoses provides you with the means to offer learners an innovative path towards their most creative, authentic, efficient, and happy selves.

We offer a library of more than 1500 engaging activities focusing on SEL and soft skill enhancement, categorized per age group, soft skill, and difficulty level.

Let young learners explore the world around them and the universe within, practice communication and relationship management, become team players able to lead, embrace diversity, become open-minded and find their own voice.

Tutors Reskilling

Get access to “Epi – Morphoses,” our e-learning platform dedicated to providing tutors with prompt knowledge on soft skills cultivation and engaging learning techniques.

Our online library offers 1500+ activities for learners 6 – 17 years old and equips tutors with the knowledge of moderating library activities, creating new ones, asking the right questions, and managing their classes the way they desire.

Also, being part of Morphoses equals access to a decentralized community, where they can interact with their peers, ask questions, express challenges and support one another.

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Are you an Educational Institution representative interested in a potential partnership? Fill in the form below, and you’ll be one step away from offering more competitive services to your organization.