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Morphoses is a community of forward-thinking parents, caregivers, and passionate tutors that paves a positive future for learner-centered education.

Give your child meaningful learning experiences built by fun moments with friends from all over the world. Morphoses enables your child to gain confidence, empathy, social skills, and problem-solving thinking, while learning how to practice, think and create.

Tutor-led classes are the educational communities where your child will develop the most fundamental skills that “equip” them to reach their highest potential by becoming more confident, resilient, self-made learners and better human beings.

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Interactive experiences


Imagine a future workforce or how we will live and work in the next 20 years – it is an unpredictable space. Visualize that 65% of children entering primary school today will end up working in positions, even industries, that do not even exist just yet.

The current education system cannot keep up with this shift, so we need to equip young learners with the means to become resilient and competitive, having skills that will not be outdated!

Morphoses cultivates skills that will enable young learners to improve their communication, be more human-centric, have more confidence, become better and valuable team members, and improve their leadership.

Meaningful friendships

By nurturing the qualities our young learners already possess, we transform their dreams into powerful abilities.

Deep diving into soft skills, social learning, and meta-skills, our learners create in-depth and lasting friendships through Morphoses.

Our communities enable young learners to stretch their legs and connect with like-minded makers and creators in various learning experiences beyond the four walls of the classroom.

Our learners can reach every corner of this world while developing fundamental skills such as learning how to practice, think and plan for the future.

Learn from the best


Our tutors are background-checked, experienced, but also passionate about what they do.

Morphoses’ strict tutor onboarding process helps to select and collaborate with trained, talented, and enthusiastic people that will do their best to impact our learners’ lives in the best way possible.

Furthermore, through our secure, protected, and curated online platform, parents and caregivers can browse through tutors’ profiles, experiences, ratings, and testimonials and make their own choice of the tutors they feel more confident with.

Data Driven


Curiosity comes naturally. And with the proper support, your child will learn how to dive into their interests effectively with their e-classmates.

Our platform has been built as an activity-based learning approach; this helps us guarantee the quality and engagement level of every activity rated directly by our stakeholders.

Being data-driven and using ratings, we can incorporate activities and assign tutors into a class in the most efficient way. Morphoses DNA is all about interaction, engagement, and fun; this is always on top of our heads in order to make the learning process enjoyable and targeted.

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