Do you want to offer a unique benefit to working parents?

We provide a true benefit that supports working parents & caregivers to give more to their children. Morphoses platform live, online safe classes for their children 6-17 years old. Morphoses is designed for children to enhance their future skills through a secure, unique, fun learning experience led by tier-1 tutors.

Our small-group format encourages social interactions, engages and inspires learners through a wide variety of activities.

Care for parents

Working parents consider a more suitable job opportunity to manage better the pressures of work and home. A benefit that will save them time and give support to their children to reach their highest potential. Employers need to encourage parents and caregivers by offering more learning opportunities to their children through services that foster creativity, resilience, curiosity, and other essential human skills.

Adaptable scheduling

A variety of classes, curricula, instructors and slots means parents can choose what works best for their kids’ schedules. Employers offer an adaptive benefit that can serve a diverse employee base with one platform.

A true benefit

Morphoses helps parents to have fewer worries by giving a tangible benefit that will not only enhance their productivity but make them cheerful by ensuring their kids have an enjoyable experience with the perks only soft skill training can offer.

Time focus and high quality

When parents are less worried about their kids, they are more focused on work! We promise a unique, fun learning experience led by top educators, psychologists, and education experts. Our tutors have gone through a strict process, starting from ID & psychometric tests to training & license. Furthermore, we provide tutors with prompt knowledge and tools to support learners in the best way they can. 

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In addition to working directly with learners and families, Morphoses partners with educational institutions such as Private Schools, Extracurricular Institutions to significantly expand their enrichment, tutoring, and offerings.