Do you want to become a morphoses tutor?

The “Epi-Morphoses” program has been created to provide all education professionals such as teachers, kid psychologists, etc with the prompt knowledge to deal with soft skill development and social-emotional learning. Tutors have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with soft skills and learn innovative teaching techniques.

What does Epi-morphoses offer to tutors?

  • All the knowledge you need about soft skills and social-emotional learning
  • The basics of cognitive and developmental psychology
  • Soft skills and the methodology of enhancing them in children
  • Case studies and use cased to be ready and prepared for any challenges

Who can teach?

Morphoses does not require formal teaching credentials. Firstly, we believe that many adults can offer rewarding classes based on their experience and interests. That’s why the course is not specifically targeted teachers. What we do require is

  • Some experience working with children’s groups
  • A solid academic background (in any field)
  • Being familiar with digital tools and online platform technology
  • Be a positive thinker, motivator and inspire children to become the best version of themselves

Epi-morphoses description

The course consists of 11 educational chapters in total, including both learning chapters as well as evaluation quizzes, and a final assignment.

The average time needed to complete the course is 8 hours. Meaning that a trainee can be ready to start instructing in just over a week after applying!

What does morphoses offer to an instructor?

An instructor becomes certified, after the successful completion of the course

  • One platform incorporated all the proper tools to make your teaching more efficient and effective
  • Access to a library of 700+ activities and the ability to design new content focused on the soft skill you love
  • Teach online from wherever and set your schedule
  • Access to our vibrant community of other tutors, share experiences and questions you may have