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Morphoses - Soft skills - Tutor

My Journey as a Morphoses Tutor

“Hey, I’m Georgia and 9 months ago, I embarked on an incredible journey as a tutor at Morphoses, a platform for nurturing soft skills in kids aged 6 to 17.…
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Soft Skills

Creativity is not just for artists!

Let us guess. You stopped drawing, singing, or playing the guitar because you were not good at it. This is your wake-up call; Creativity does not need excellence. You don’t remember…
Morphoses | Soft Skills | Unleash the Power of Body Language
Soft Skills

Unleash the Power of Body Language

Embark on an epic learning adventure with Morphoses! At our innovative Edtech startup, we believe that learning should be as thrilling as it is enlightening. In this week’s blog post,…

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