One platform for social-emotional learning & human skills

Imagine a place where little learners can grow and have fun at the same time. Imagine a space that fosters creativity, resilience, curiosity, and other essential human skills

That place exists! Morphoses platform is a land of happiness and originality, where you can give your child the means to enhance self-awareness, increase confidence levels and find their own voice.

Team members

Anna Natsvlishvili


Ilia Tzortzopoulou


Alexandros Pithamitsis


Panos Andrikopoulos

Head of Community


Head of Content R&D

Panagiotis Bochalis

Lead Software Engineer

Stavros Grigoriou

Senior Software Engineer

Aris Katopodis

Junior Software Engineer


Non-Executive Director

Children love Morphoses platform!

“Morphoses platform plays a significant role to one’s life. It changes how we think. Participating in human skills classes, I learned how to make decisions differently, be calmer, and be able to coordinate better & more efficiently with my team members.”

14 years old, Filip

“I liked it a lot! I think the virtual environment allowed us to do so much more than a typical class. I would love to do this again.”

12 years old Dimitra

“The most professional team I have worked with. Kids enjoyed playful & interactive nature of activities – very different than everything else they tried!”

Head of R&D, Educational Insitution